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Here I am going to share you with average shortcuts here i am tell you how you can solve average problems, quantitative aptitude problems within minutes. in this section we will tell you average Problems ,average formula,average shortcuts, average short tricks With Solutions. there are total 50 question related to time and distance aptitude questions. Now i am going to share you with Time and distance Problems short tricks. here you can check average formula, average short tricks, average question and answer in Hindi, average solutions in Hindi,average tricks in Hindi.

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Average Question And Answer Formula:-

औसत:- किसी एक समान राशियों का औसत वह राशि है जो दि गई राशियों के योगफल को उनकी संख्या से भाग देने से प्राप्त होती है।

Average Shortcuts Tricks:-

औसत = आंकडों का योगफल
आँकडों की संख्या
या कुल राशि = औसत x आँकडों की संख्या

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