Is Data Analytics A Good Career?

With the creation of a large amount of data every day, there has been a continual demand for data professionals who can leverage the data and keep companies’ growth scope. In this context, data analytics is a good career choice.

In the data world, the demand for data analysts is constantly rising. The data analyst is also offered a high salary compared to other professions. Even the junior data analyst enjoys a salary of $70,000, while the senior data analysts enjoy a salary of around $ 100,000.

Apart from the salary, data analysts collaborate and contribute to the decision-making process, which helps in translating some great opportunities into managerial positions. Being a data analyst is something rewarding with great perks, salaries, and a growing career.

What Does A Data Analyst Do?

The role of a data analyst is to take the heaps of data and analyze it to make trends, forecasts, and extract the information that helps in the decision-making process of the company. Data analysts work everywhere in almost every industry, right from the healthcare industry to marketing and retail sectors. You can also find data analytics in technology firms, credit bureaus, etc.

Many companies take the data analyst as the information scientist as they leverage the information from a pool of data and create insights that help in solving several big issues within an organization. Various sectors rely on these professionals as they collect, mine, and analyze the bulk of information to create valuable insights.

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A Career Path for Data Analysts

The career path for a data analyst depends upon the industry that you have chosen to work for. Anybody can enter the data analyst world by qualifying for entry-level jobs. Anybody can be a part of the field of data analytics by taking a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, statistics, or computer science. Also, there is an option to get upskilled through a data analytics course and move towards the transition to data analysis in areas such as business, economics, etc.

A data analyst is the beginning position, which is followed by the senior level position of a data scientist. Compared to data analysts, data scientists have more involvement with strategic planning and, thus, they need more technical skills and command over statistical methods.

Those who are looking to become data scientists can learn a language such as R or SQL and learn how to build databases, perform basic analysis and generate visualizations. Those who want to advance in their careers should be familiar with the above-mentioned tasks.

With additional skills training, aspirants can achieve success in their data analyst jobs.

Jobs Available In Data Analytics

There are several jobs that aspirants can take up while making their career in data analytics. Some of the common data jobs are:

· Data Analyst

· Business Analyst

· Systems Analyst

· Analyst of Research

· Operations Analyst

· Marketing Analyst

· Researcher

· Statistician

· Data Scientist

· Data Engineer

Seeing the futuristic career options, data analytics is a good career and offers great and rewarding career opportunities to aspirants.


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