Everything You Should Know About CISSP 2022

CISSP refers to Certified Information Systems Security Professionals. CISSP certifications are considered the most valuable and highly absorbed IT and information security certification worldwide. Adding this certification with your name proves you as one of the top professionals in the cybersecurity domain with complete experience and Knowledge.

CISSP Exam Overview

CISSP Certification training helps you to clear the CISSP exam. In addition, the Training develops your inner expertise in defining IT architecture and designing, maintaining, and building a secure business environment by using information securities standards globally approved. The Training for the CISSP exam includes best practices of the industry and practices of the industry and prepares you for the CISSP exam certification held by ISC.

CISSP credential consists of 150 MCQs, which you need to answer in 180 minutes (3 hrs). To sit for an exam, you need to pay a fixed exam fee of $699. To clear the exam, candidates must attain 70% marks, which means 700 points out of 1000. The CISSP Certification exam is available in various languages such as German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Chinese.

Everything About CISSP

CISSP is a physical bubble-based exam consisting of 250 questions where the candidates have six hours to finish the exam until its revision in 2015. Then after 2 to 3 revisions now, the exam includes only 100 to 150 questions in three hours. In a revision done in 2018, ISC 2 introduced the CAT exam method, which stands for Computer Adaptive Test.

As we learned that CISSP is available in many languages, the CISSP-CAT exam method is useful for only the English version. However, the six-hour exam version with 250 questions is still working for all languages other than English.

In the CAT exam, students must attempt 100 questions, and at most of them, 150 questions in 3 hours. Attempt 75 out of those 100 questions and contribute them to your final score. Rest nongraded 25 questions get interspersed among the next 100 questions.

Your total assessment has its fundamental basis on the last 75 questions graded out of the first 100 questions. The moment you answer a question, no. 101, question 1 will get discarded and replaced with 101, and the process continues with the same and so on.

When you reach the 100th question, the reviewing system measures the potential for passing the exam by meeting the standards. If the system determines with at least 95%, you will get a PASS score. If the system determines your score of 95% or more, you will get a FAIL score. If the system cannot determine the possibility of getting a pass or failing by the time it reaches 100 questions, it will evaluate the time again until it reaches question number 150.

Objectives of CISSP Certification Exam

The candidates will gain the following skills:

  • Complete skills package essential for a CISSP professional

  • A wider perception and a holistic view of complete aspects of information security in an organization.

  • Ability to define design management and architecture of IT security.

  • Candidate‚Äôs skills to optimize enterprise security options.

  • Complete understanding of every domain covered in the exam.

  • Get expertise in accessing the control systems and multiple methodologies that complement IT security and governance in an enterprise.

Benefits of CISSP Certifications

  • Increases demand for cybersecurity professionals.

According to a report on the cybersecurity workforce by ISC, there is a global shortage of cyber workforce professionals of more than 2.9 million. As a result, it is the best time to take huge steps to advance your IT security career.

  • Maximize earning potential

The average earning of CISSP certified holders is about $131,030 per annum in the US. It reflects expectations in aspects such as cybersecurity knowledge and four years of paid employment in the industry.

  • Peer and team recognition

CISSP exam stands among the toughest exams to clear, making it a more powerful and respected certification. Achieving this gives you the respect and recognition of your peers and superiors.

  • Large global community

There are over 1,40,000 members in the global community. Earning this certification makes you a huge part of a prestigious group of professionals.

  • Deep Understanding cybersecurity

CISSP certification curriculum includes all the fundamental elements of the domain of cybersecurity.

Requirements for CISSP Exam

Like other examinations, CISSP must meet the minimum requirements to get eligible for CISSP certification training. Some of the requirements are as follows:

  1. There should be five years of experience working with at least two domains out of eight as prescribed in the common body of Knowledge for achieving CISSP certification.

  2. You can also apply for the CISSP exam with four years of work experience if you hold a college degree of four years.

Features of CISSP Training Course

  1. Access to free course previews for preparation.

  2. Get Training with experts of CISSP worldwide.

  3. Get vital ISC 2 resources directly from ISC 2 itself.

  4. Get a Dedicated instructor via CISSP certification training.

  5. Achieve a course completion certification recognized across the industry as you complete the course.

  6. Get the benefit of the advanced feature of one-to-one Training and fly me a trainer.

  7. Get either online Training or offline in more than 100 locations worldwide.

Who requires a CISSP Training Course?

CISSP was created to benefit IT professional roles. It includes roles such as:

  • Network Architect

  • Security Consultants

  • Security Architect

  • Security Auditor

  • Security Manager

  • CIO

  • Director of Security

  • Security Analyst

  • Security System Engineer

  • Anyone seeking to enhance their technical skills and base of Knowledge


It is a leading institution offering various training for the cybersecurity domain that helps candidates to prepare for the exam with proper planning and initiate them in passing the exam in the very first attempt.


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