Tips for test preparation for Engineering

Preparing for JEE Main and JEE Advanced, BITSAT, VITEEE, WBJEE, MHTCET, KCET, AP EAMCET, UPSEE, KIITEE and likes of it can be quite menacing. Best engineering colleges entrance exam is not a piece of cake. Not only have you required sheer dedication towards following a disciplined timetable but also strategizing your approach.

These are one of the toughest entrance exams so we are here to help you get through these with some important tips which are as follows:

Follow a proper routine-

Sticking to a proper timetable is as important as preparing it which should make sure that you are giving your 7-8 hours to study dedicatedly. It’s ok to take short breaks in between your studying time as it improves your concentration and makes you more attentive while studying.

Practice old papers-

The best way of preparing for an entrance exam is practicing as many old papers as you can as it allows you to become familiar with the format of the question paper, and that you already know how to deal with each section in a way that you complete your test within the stipulated time. Also, this practice helps you to check your preparation level and make you prepare better for the exam.

Solve mock tests-

Mock tests prepares you for the real exams by creating the atmosphere and the pattern that you are going to find during the real exam and more to that these provides you no extra time even if you need because the motive behind these is preparing you for the pressure that you’ll face in the actual exam . With each mock test you solve, your performance and possibility of committing mistakes will improve. Therefore, these are really helpful in scoring better grades.

Take competitive classes-

Getting into a good coaching class for guidance will really help you in jumping off the obstacles successfully that comes through your way because you must not know each and every concept of your syllabus. Sooner or later, you’ll need an instructor who can clear all your doubts in no time.

Group Study program

Being a part of a group study program can also help in a way that you have someone to discuss things with, in case you are stuck with understanding any concept. It also helps you in maintaining discipline & hanging out with other than books which is also good for your mental health.

Prepare notes-

One of the most effective and efficient way is getting yourself ready with the notes which makes it easier to go through everything before exam without any hustle bustle and allows you to recall your main points on the last day.

Speed management with time-

Managing the speed with time plays a vital role to be successful in any entrance exam you are opting for. It becomes difficult to solve the complete paper in a given time without speed management so you are required to match your speed with the time.

Revise the lessons regularly

Revising the whole syllabus at the very last day can be as tough as learning it for the very first time so, make sure that you are revising your lessons from time to time so that you have a grasp on each and every topic and do not get overwhelmed while revising up the whole syllabus right before the examination day.

Plan the exam strategically-

Planning is one of the key factor to crack any entrance exam. Make a strategy before you start solving the test paper, you must plan out as to which section to attempt first and which one at the last so that you do not waste your time over questions which you aren’t sure of. First, take the questions which you are really good at so that you can give more time to the ones which are really difficult.

Work on concept clarity rather than cramming

As we all know that in entrance exams, you need to be well versed with the concepts so that you can easily make sense of the question and figure out the answer. Cramming is not really going to help you while preparing for an entrance exam. More than a tip for preparing for exams, this is a practice that will help you everywhere.

Maintain your physical and mental health-

Staying mentally and physically strong helps you to deal with any consequences that come through your journey. So, make sure that you are not killing your sleep and meditating for at least 15-20 minutes daily which relaxes your mind in turn makes you feel confident and better.


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